Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Live VOIP Training sessions help daily! You Are Not Alone with Veretekk! This allows you to access our training rooms where we can push web pages you view as you see and hear us live teaching the methods that leverage your success with the Veretekk system. Beginners get up and running quickly with our basic orientation rooms. There is nothing like live hands on training to get running quickly and efficiently. No complicated manuals to read. The entire environment is intuitive. After 8 years of building, testing and proving, there is nothing else like it on the Internet, nothing! Push technology training centers Seeing and hearing instructions live! Basic Orientation for beginners and Advanced Marketing techniques are taught every week. Once you get the advanced training, leads acquisition becomes a breeze and many of our subscribers are achieving success in building their business for the first time ever! We also bring on guest speakers with many of them Veretekk subscribers who share their techniques they use for your edification! We also make the Veretekk system very intuitive and easy to use. Guest Speakers...And 24 hours a day live training 6 days a week... Not just the CEO....Not just excellent teachers everday either....But Guest speakers as well! We have the best Internet Marketing Training live on the Net! We also have many guest speakers arranged to share their knowledge with marketing, networking and the Internet. Training is announced through our calendar. These guest speakers and training conferences cover the following: Email Marketing Search Engines eBook strategies The spheres of influence Building Confidence Out of the Box with Veretekk Success stories How to tell it's a Scam Keep watch with the Calendar for these events. They will also be announced from our newsletter. You also get small recorded training modules throughout the system. Try Veretekk absolutely free! See it in action first, then decide if you want to upgrade. and fill out the simple form. That's it! It is free to join and you can even build a great income with the free system. By the way, the free system really is free and for life! What do you have to lose?

_________________ is the mother of marketing invention

Veretekk the Mother of Marketing Invention! No where else will you find "real" leading edge marketing technology like you will receive from Inetekk's Veretekk service. Traffic Portal marketing is one such innovation. While the rest of the industry is still trying to figure out how to effectively build legitimate massive email lists, Inetekk's established email verification system allows the company to pursue loftier markets. If you're looking for the future in online lead generation, it is through Traffic Portals. In recent years there have been numerous methods for generating business prospects online - including things like FFA pages and bulk emailing. These techniques have proven quite effective for generating large numbers of leads... but times are changing. People have become desensitized to the massive amount of bulk email and SPAM that finds it's way to their mailbox each day. After all, who cares if you have 1 gazillion email addresses if none of the recipients will ever read anything you send to them! Are you reading this? Inetekk has developed a large flotilla of unique, valuable web based services on a large array of subjects and domains. Just as incredible, this large and growing portfolio of Traffic Portals, is easily managed with Inetekk's intuitive management system. Each Traffic Portal is equipped with it's own set of automated advertising and marketing tools too. It is all push button easy and it just gets better. Each Traffic Portal has been designed to have it's own custom type of viral marketing flare. The quality of the leads these Traffic Portals produce is also unique. Despite having 10s of thousands of Veretekk subscribers, each Veretekk Traffic Portal system produces a steady flow of leads for each subscriber. What does this mean? It means each lead is uniquely targeted to one individual subscriber. Inetekk's privacy policy assures that every lead entered into the system is only paired with one subscriber. A one on one relationship with little if any abuse associated within the Veretekk system. Are you ready for a change? Well are you? How well is your Internet business doing? No other solution comes close to the value, service and price Inetekk delivers. If your serious about building a successful online business, your first priority is an Inetekk subscription. Unfair Advantage? There is nothing unfair about taking your time and doing it right. So take the challenfe and join us, it is free so you have nothing to lose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veretekk Testimonies! Light Years ahead This Veretekk System is Light Years ahead of any other Marketing System on the Internet. Not only is Veretekk producing a lot of Leads, but they are extremely High Quality Leads. I've never seen anything like it. This week after I made some submissions, I had 3 CEO's of companies personally call me who are seriously interested in our tools and services. They called me first, before I even had a chance to contact them. Steve Lefevers A fortune Maker The Veretekk System will allow you to exit the corporate rat-race and build an enormous profit center through ingenious dirt cheap advertising techniques, easy to use automation and serious prospect traffic delivered right to your site. A system, that can make anyone a small fortune. Michael Gilligan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veretekk the Mother of the Traffic Portals! Wonder what Veretekk is? Veretekk increases your profit and effectiveness with the most powerful suite of marketing tools ever created on the Internet! Veretekk's Marketing Control Center is a fully integrated suite of cutting edge, state of the art, marketing tools for insuring your online success. This is top of the line marketing automation that is easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to implement. Veretekk also provides live support and training experts 5 - 10 times per day so you are not left alone! Veretekk leads the industry in marketing automation and has been providing instant productivity and control for thousands of savvy marketers since 1998. It is free to join. Curtis Staggs Veretekk Member phone: 270-339-3672

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