Thursday, March 22, 2012

Content is King

Content is KING. Whether you’re talking television, radio, internet or print, those who can create compelling content, gather an audience and keep them can virtually write their own paychecks. The talent will eventually migrate to the highest reward for their time. That is assuming of course that we seek to maintain a free market where they are allowed to act in their own best interest without some crazed government intervention like the Fairness Doctrine.

Viewers, listeners and readers will pursue the content that they want. I enjoy listening to the Mark Levin show. The AM radio station he comes on in my market does not have very good reception and the time slot is also not convenient. Most of the time, I download his broadcasts from the internet to my MP3 player or listen to streaming radio. The internet is also the major source for my music listening when I’m working, studying or just playing Texas Hold’em.

Multiple streams of content should be the future we envision and pursue. Let the talent seek to maximize their earnings and let the people seek the content they desire. If you want Howard Stern you’ll have to go satellite radio. On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh has chosen to stay with broadcast radio because he can’t generate the same advertising revenue through satellite radio. Now, if you want Oprah you’ll have to turn to cable. When we keep the market free from interference we provide the most opportunities for the producers and consumers of content. This is the way to prosperity. This is the way to freedom.

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